When news causes a prison attack, who is responsible?

A few years ago, the most notorious criminal imprisoned in Victoria was Carl Williams. Mr Williams stint in prison began after he was found guilty of a series of murders that took place in Melbourne during the early 2000s. These occurred in the context of a gangland war for control of distribution of methyl-amphetamine.

Mr Williams was, for a while, basically the last man standing in a war that involved the deaths of about two dozen Melbourne residents. When he pleaded guilty, he was given a minimum term, which meant that he had the chance of leaving prison, if an elderly harmless man by that point.

Of course, this didn’t happen. On 19 April 2010, the herald-sun published the following article: https://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/1012_heraldsun.pdf

Taxpayers forked out $8000 to pay the private school fees of the daughter of murderer and underworld figure Carl Williams…

— The Herald Sun, 19th April, 2010

Later that day, Carl Williams was murdered by a fellow inmate who had read that story. He died after being bashed up by part of an exercise bike.

Now, it looks like the herald-sun has achieved the dubious distinction of repeating this performance. On 9 February 2019, they ran the following article:

Tony Mokbel a powerful enforcer at Barwon Prison

This report suggested Mokbel was a “top enforcer” at the prison and that he had intervened in a prison stand­over scheme, disrupting an extortion racket being run by Pacific Islander inmates.

Early on 11 February 2019, Tony Mokbel was stabbed in prison. At this stage he is in a critical condition, and may, or may not survive.

All thanks to the Herald-Sun.

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