Why we should leave the law to criminals?

It seems that as time goes by laws get harsher and criminals face more jail time. Over the past ten years in Victoria, there have been changes that have been legislated by the government which have had the unfortunate effect of winding back a fair system and making it harsh.

Recently there have been changes to bail laws which see pretty much anyone who commits a serious offence while on bail facing the same bail threshold as terrorism suspects and murderers. Yes, you heard that right. A suspect who has burgled a house and stolen a laptop, while on bail for a drug trafficking charge, will face the exceptional circumstances test. A test which is hard to overcome, unfortunately.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with some new jails having been built. I mean, there is no way the state government would throw people in jail just to avoid criticism over their necessity…

As an antidote to the dystopian future of the law in Victoria, I will maintain this blog with moderate enthusiasm, and hope that eventually the powers that be have enough sense to recognise that they may very well be sowing the seeds of a nightmare criminal justice experience for at least one of their own members.

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